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The Berry Story

This book is about a kid who’s bullied and rejected by others because he is different. It’s the first of a series. It discusses bullying, rejection, self esteem and acceptance in a very interesting way. It’s entertaining and educate at the same time. The main character, Brandon,  is a friendly and kind kid but rejection keeps calling his name because he is different. He is confused and only wants to see everyone succeed.

But, what happens when you have given everything just to have friends, and you only face  bullying as well as rejection? Do you also become a bully ? Do you keep accepting rejection? Follow Brandon’s story and see the choice he makes as he goes through hard time because of his difference. Maybe you can relate.

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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." Anais Nin

About The Author

Yannick is a polyglot, Certified Interpreter, Translator, and teacher who has traveled the world to learn about different cultures and languages. He started writing when he was a kid. When he had an idea or a story to tell, he would always start by writing it on a paper and then read it to his friends and family. He used to write poems for his friends. He wrote a book about his mother, unfortunately, got lost during his globetrotting, he has since been affect by that as he poured everything he felt and knew about the woman who  gave him life in that book. He has always been fascinated by the power of words and storytelling, by how they can shape one’s personality or mindset. He writes for a broad audience and does not confine his inspiration and writings to a single genre or demographic of readers. He effortlessly transitions from fiction to nonfiction. He is equally at ease writing for children, young adults, and adults…


Yannick Atambona

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Go on an adventure with berries and experience all the mixed feelings of sadness, courage, and fulfillment. You’re only a few clicks away from starting your journey. Get your copy now and thank yourself later on.   Copy signed by the author


Color your way through The Berry Story after reading it. Recreate the settings and characters in your imagination, and give them a new style. Get the coloring book right now and thank yourself later on.                                           

Copy signed by the author


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