The Berry Story is an inspirational work that shows the grim reality of life, how someone can be excluded and go through thick and thin, but still, find a way to rise to the point of self-affirmation and acceptance. It provides wisdom to enlighten our lives with brightness and allows the reader to heal and grow through the flaws of their weaknesses.

I believe that readers of my book will be motivated to thrive through life regardless of difficulties and learn to find strength within themselves in uncertain times, but mainly how to stand up to bullying and rejection. The story delivers a strong message that anyone who is a victim of bullying can always stand up against it but remains kind.

This book is part of a series, hoping that it will help kids to accept and embrace who they are and give those who are victims or witnesses to bullying the courage to stand up to it.

Get to know the main characters below.

The Berry Story 1 - Resilience is bliss


He is kind, shy, respectful, and timid.

A kid who wishes everyone well and thinks about others before thinking about himself. He tries hard to fit in with other kids but it’s very hard, he then prefers observing them from afar pondering on his life. He is the ponderer

He is creative, cheerful, stubborn, and obstinate.

He always comes up with great ideas, likes trying new things, and is daring. He likes leading and wants his ideas to be accepted by others, He thinks highly of himself.

He is boastful.

She is thoughtful, selfless, compassionate, and optimistic.

A kid who always treats others with kindness and patience. She always wants to do right by others and stands up to bullies regardless of their height, age, or physical strength. She is the voice of wisdom.

He is bold, courageous, strong, and adventurous

He is never afraid of saying what he thinks whatever happens. With his physical stature, he never misses getting in trouble or starting problems. But he is a people person when he wants. There is never a dull moment with him.

He is overconfident.

She is judgmental, impulsive, tough, and Pessimistic

She is a kind of go-with-crowd type of kid, and never misses the opportunity to take her anger on others whenever she can, and always tries to be accepted by others. she doesn’t see anything good in others. She is passive-aggressive.

He is athletic, smart, extrovert, and adventurous

He is unbothered when he starts doing something, he goes with the flow of events, and doesn’t question things. He goes for whatever he puts his mind to, without thinking twice. He is a dynamo.

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