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Yannick is the author of The Berry Story, he is a polyglot, Certified Interpreter, Translator, and teacher who has traveled the world to learn about different cultures and languages. He started writing when he was a kid. When he had an idea or a story to tell, he would always start by writing it on paper and then read it to his friends and family. He used to write poems for his friends. He wrote a book about his mother, unfortunately, got lost during his globetrotting, he has since been affected by that as he poured everything he felt and knew about the woman who gave him life in that book. He has always been fascinated by the power of words and storytelling, by how they can shape one’s personality or mindset. He writes for a broad audience and does not confine his inspiration and writings to a single genre or demographic of readers. He effortlessly transitions from fiction to nonfiction. He is equally at ease writing for children, young adults, and adults.

He understood that storytelling is compelling, especially when we can see ourselves and the people we can relate to within the story. He primarily wishes to inspire through his writings, provide hope and encouragement to the reader, and cultivate empathy by creating relatable characters that foster hope. He uses fictional or real-life social events to tell stories and describe social and cultural interactions, occasionally with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. He infuses his stories with what he learned and saw while globetrotting, incorporating diverse cultures, each of which has its own set of tales and narratives shared for entertainment, education, cultural preservation, or instilling moral values.

He coined the term ” Books with substance” because he believes that every book should teach a lesson; this is what he refers to as a book’s substance.
He writes to share a piece of his soul with the world.

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